Saturday, 27 November 2010

Its gone quiet on the Saree front

Its quiet because I find my self working for a living once more, which is nice, too much to do in no time at all 2 weeks ago I was sat around doing nothing, now it all comes in at once! Can't win!

But at home I have been knitting with recycled sari material. I'm new to knitting, and don't know much about it only that I think I am enjoying it but at the same time don't want to do anyting too complicated.

Once this is finished I hope it will resemble something like a hot water bottle cover!

I also put all my sarees out on the bed and took a photo of them

I just had enougth bed to put them on!

I have been waiting patiently for a response from Utsav. Nothing on that front and I'm not getting my hopes up either. Hope to write about something more exciting soon!


  1. Cool knitting! Are you on Ravelry? It's the best resource for knitters. I'm CraftyCarolyn on there.

  2. i thought u are an engineer.

  3. Thanks for the diversion to Ravelry, I will be using that, my knitting had me in tears yesterday it all went wrong, my needle fell out and my line snapped most distressing. On top of it now. The line of work I am in means that I sit at the end of the phone and wait for something to break down, I then fly out and fix it. Nothings broken recently and one of our major clients has had a huge budget cut so they are cutting out a lot of our services and just getting by on half working systems. It has picked up a little bit with a new project but I expect it will go very quiet again once that has finished. There are also redundancy’s on the way. At the moment I am not affected however, give it another 6 months I could well be on that list :(

  4. knitting with material?? interesting.. have fun and congrats on the job

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