Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Spending Overload

I love ebay. Most of my purchasing is done on ebay. I am a big fan of used items, they are cheaper for a start, and I feel its my part to stop a land fill and giving a unwanted item a new home as well as giving the previous owner a bit of pocket money. A lot of my shopping is done in charity shops; there are enough of them where I live. My poor boy, at the moment knows no different, but his school shoes are carefully selected from ebay, so are his DS games, as are my shoes and odd nick knacks I require to get me though the year. I’m sure as he gets older he may dislike the idea of a second hand computer game, but I’m sure put into context what would he rather. One game with the bit of polyethylene wrap still on it or three games with no polyethylene wrap on them? As a single parent with a single income it is important to look after your outgoings I feel I do this quite well and can occasionally treat my self to a saree or Five!

I keep my eye on ebay all the time for a saree, it’s a great place for an experimental buy at the moment I really would like to add to my collection a cotton saree and a silk saree, as well as that all important white saree  (in good time of course and most defiantly a new purchase). I have gone though many Salwar Kameez both on ebay and in various shops around London and have sadly found that they just do not suit meL

I am quite tall but have wide hips and the Kameez does nothing for me, it’s a fantastically comfortable garment and I am often in one at home and I have worn one to a wedding reception but compared to what I look like in a saree there is no competition. Diwali is here and I have dug them out of the depths of the wardrobe and I intend to wear at least two of them to work this week. Sadly today, I have made little effort and in my usual black trousers, black vest and some random short sleeved cardigan.

The purchasing of the Salwar Kameez is well on hold for now until at least I next go to London and get someone to make one for me that will do my hips some justice or at least hide them abit. At this time I am working on my saree collection, it has recently grown with five new recent purchases.

Two of the new purchases are from ebay. One of them a purple and gold two tone, it looked like silk, the photos were amazing, however when it came though the door I could of cried. It was stiffer than my organza saree and just as puffy, it feels like plastic and it’s incredibly scratchy. So I have learnt - if it does not state silk it properly isn’t. Despite my initial disappointment my boyfriend managed to pleat the fall and sit it on my shoulder just right. The blouse it too big and needs to meet a sewing machine but since picking the row of wired sequins off the sleeves its feeling a bit more comfortable. The original owner paid £250 for it, if I had done so I would of extremely disappointed and would of felt rather ripped off. The thing is falling apart and leaves a trail of tiny purple sequins where ever you go with it. I’m half tempted to remove all of them, as I do not have the skill or patience to do it my self! I paid £50 for it and it is still a lot of saree for the money

It will be great for the Diwali show I am going to but I feel I will not be able to get the blouse down to size quick enough, plus the theatre where the show is being held just might sent me a cleaning bill for the mess it may leave behind. Despite being upset with it, it is still a saree and I still love it.

The other ebay purchase has not come though yet, it did state silk but I won it for £5. We shall see when It gets here. The white one, you know about from a previous blog.

The remaining two I ordered weeks and weeks ago from Utsav sarees. If you google Complaints board and Utsav you will see that there is an awful amount of bad press. One of them is even mine! I feel a second chance is in order. Here I have ordered a saree for next years Navratri and a Contemporary vampire black saree for my woks black tie Christmas party at the end of November.

That’s a lot of sarees to buy just over three weeks or so, all that is left on the list is a cotton saree and that all important white one. But for now its time to calm down and enjoy what I have for now.

Autumn in the UK is a wonderful time, the tress are turning some fantastic colors as they loose their leaves in preparation for the winter. I am hoping to put some of my new purchases on and take some photos to post. Of course, I need it to stop raining first!


  1. Salwar kameez never look as good on a woman as sarees do. So its not just you. I think what you are wearing in picture is churidar. By the way the first pic (at top) looks best saree .

  2. :) I love your blogs.. maybe when I go to Pakistan if you give me your measurements I can see if I can get one made for you :) Im curious as to where you live in the UK.. for some reason I thought you were in the states ;) let me know.. it obviously isnt London.. my blog has private comments if you dont want it all over the shop ;) namasta

  3. Thanks for liking my blog I am really enjoying writing on it however, I wish I could write about something else apart from sarees! I have been obsessed for some time now so I guess it should be expected. I am in the Crawley area, not too far from London but I don’t get to go often. I have been on your blog and posted but I don't know why I can't see it must of done somthing wrong. Im based in the Crawley area not too far from London but I do not get to go there often. I hope to this weekend. Take care

  4. I do love salwar kameez, but Ela is right, there's no comparison to how beautiful and elegant saris are!

  5. :) I have post moderation on my blog.. maybe its there now ;) let me know if, then if its something i did wrong I can try fix it :D and please dont write about other things.. the sarees are something that isnt our culture but is soo pretty. My husband is from pakistan and apparently his sister has bought me a few sarees over there.. will let you know how they go ;) Where did you buy your stuff in London from?? you on twitter?

  6. Ealing road in Wembley is my Mecca for Asian fashion. There are plenty of shops down there selling all sorts of clothing. I like Venison’s for the range however their customer service has a lot to be desired and there is just too much “Bling” on everything. Krishna Saris is nice and friendly. I like Rivaaz, the proprietor there made my day with the Organza saree and also was very proud with her connections to the royal family after designing a Salwar Kameez for Lady Diana. I often get asked why I am buying a saree, am I going to a wedding? No, I just want another to add to my collection. I get told often that I can get them pre stitched, I know that too, but I prefer to fold it my self! Yes I can dress my self, (well, boyfriend is getting good at it too!) I guess a white girl buying a saree for nothing in particular is something these shops are not used to. It will be interesting to find out how differently I will be treated this Saturday when I go into these shops already in a saree! I am on twitter as hennahands however I don't use it often.