Tuesday, 9 November 2010

This weekend trip to London introduced me once more to my least best friend
claustrophobia. Usually the Swaminarayan mandir on show to all that visit.
This weekend it was blocked from view with tents and awnings.

The turn out for the Diwali celebrations were overwhelming. We arrived early so missed
most of the queue's but still a lot of people around. A shoe tent was there
as you went in to drop off your shoes.

As soon as you entered you were
segregated a male queue and a female queue which took you in to the main
prayer hall, which I had never been into before. It was huge and luxurious
there was an unbelievably huge queue for the women, the men did not seam to
have this problem and seamed to breeze through. I spent 20 minutes of being
squashed in to there before I could not take it any more. It was not an
orderly queue but a push shove and rather undignified. At the front of the
hall I could see a wonderful array of food so much wonderfully laid out. I
made an exit and found my self into another queue which would of taken me in
to the temple if the first queue was undignified this one was a pure riot.
Claustrophobia took over and I had to get out of there. I was rather up set.
A bit of a nervous wreck I managed to find my way back to the shoes and get
out of there. I was up set at my self for not sticking it out but I just
could not do it.

It was a amazing celebration, but it would be one I would
rather do during a more quieter time. What I do not understand is why the
men did not have this issue. It made me think, is Claustrophobia only a
white girls disease and not suffered at all in Indian culture?

I like my personal space and do not see why I should suffer some ones gut pressed up my back and someone else’s breath down my neck at the same time. My recovery was quick and I did not wish to dwell on it as I was more up set that I was stuck in two queues and did not experience anything except fear, confusion, and frustration. After a few Barjies and a lot of saree spotting we left and made our way to Camden Town where we experienced a whole different side to London Culture.

Its been at least 12 years since I last been there. I visited a lot when I was a teenager, there was a huge punk, Goth rock, grunge and alternative influences now. It’s since turned (in some parts) a bit trendy and spiritual. It was great. We lot most of the day walking around the lanes looking at all the fantastic stuff for sale. Of course I was still pleased to see that the punk/Goth/rock/grunge and alternative were still a huge part of Camden Town.
Back to the hotel quick rest then I threw a saree on and went to the south bank. Went up in the London eye for the first time. By this time it was dark and London was littered with lights and we even caught sight of some fire works.

Next morning, a quick run around the Tate modern. I love hating modern art. Maybe one day I can tell you about it! A few photos and home. Exhausting.

What fun

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  1. I'm so glad you made the effort! Indians are not known for personal space at all.

    I love the last picture, you look amazing!