Thursday, 4 November 2010

Crazy thoughts and cold feet.

I fell asleep on the sofa last night and work up with a start and a rather ridiculous feeling about my saree madness. What on earth am I doing? I’m not Indian, I have no such connections, so why this obsession. If I channelled all this effort into Western clothes and fashion I would come across as rather vain I guess or loving myself, I will properly be parading about in a fur waist coat a big chunky knitted dress with leggings and Ugg boots with an enormous bag with lots of charms hanging off it. No thanks. I will stick to the sarees thank you!

Now I have decided that wearing the latest fur and feather trimmed trends with ridiculous boots is not for me however my feet have gone rather cold. Since deciding to wear a saree to work on Friday the 5th of December I have suffered slightly with some anxiety and fear I just might pull out. The fairy lights which I have had PAT tested just for the occasion and so that I am not breaching any health and safety laws, they are still coming with me to work on Friday and so are the box of sweets I am ashamed to say the saree just may well stay in the closet for this day.

Let me explain a bit about the office I work in. There are approx 2500 employees scattered around 3 buildings. I am in one of the bigger buildings which is opened planned and I work on a floor down from the top floor. Where I sit I am on view to any one going up to or down from the top floor as well as anybody on my floor. I fear I will be on show to everyone and have a barrage of questions, the same questions thrown at me.

My obsession with saris is limited to around a handful of people I work with - they have offered some encouragement, one of them who normally is not present on Friday is coming in just for the occasion of seeing me in a saree but I feel this is because he is a pit perverted and I am well used to this sort of behaviour from him so it causes no offence.

Rather than sit here and stew over it by myself I’m putting my worries on this blog to get a feeling of what you think?

At this time my feelings towards saree Friday is

Celebrate the fist Day of Diwali by dressing in Saree
Come out of the Saree closet
White Girls can wear saris too
Bringing the saree in to Western fashion, it could well set a trend.

Lots of strange looks and questions
People still discussing it with me at the coffee machine months later
Attracting unwanted attention



  1. I am at loss. Plz follow your heart and do accordigly.

  2. I used to wear kurtas at SFO as long as i lived there.. my team talked about me as much as they could..reached a saturation and then bugged !! I lived in their minds rent free :) boy! that was fun!

  3. Be brave! I believe in you!

    I have found that no matter what you wear, if you do it with confidence, a smile, and a head held high, people love and admire it. People are drawn to that confidence and that contentedness of you following your heart.

    Just smile, say "Happy Diwali" and offer a sweet. Everyone will be happy it is Diwali because they will get sugar!

  4. :) just have it in your head why you will be wearing your saree on 5th November (Im assuming its not December like you mentioned) then you wont be on the spot when they ask you :D Be confident.. if asians can wear 'western' clothes, why cant you a westerner wear 'eastern' clothing?? lol :) I pray it goes well for you hun... and sarees are much more beautiful than fur lined anything ;)

  5. November, yes sorry about that, trying to get all my christmas shopping out of the way at this time, have December on my mind! Still have mixed feelings, may have to resort to a salwar kameez. Ive never had much confidence. I have a weekend in London this weekend and I will be in a saree at some point. Defo

  6. The saree has been around for thousands of years. I think its about time us white girls had a chance! If they had a national "Wear a Saree to Work Day" we would all jump at the chance. You are a pioneer. Happy Diwali!

  7. Happy Deewali to you and ur family.