Friday, 5 November 2010

I gave in :(

Well, I'm at work the lights are up and the sweets are out but no saree.
However I did wear my salwar Kameez. I discoved that Diwali is not well
known and provided all that asked with a very brief explanation.

One step at a time, next year I hope my saree will be on with no anticipation.
But yes there should be a national wear your saree to work day, how do you
start something like that?

Im in London this weekend to enjoy the Diwali celebrations in the BAPS Temple and I hope to get to wear the saree there at least! I am a bit disapointed in my self. One good thing that happend is that a saree I ordered up on ebay showed up and one of the girls modled it for me and she spent a good 15 mins in it. Unfortunatly the blouse is too small for me and there is no room for adjustment. Never mind.

The Salwar Kameese went down well and people were asking quetions about that. I did well...I think some small regrets on not wearing a Saree but next year should have no excuses!

Happy Diwali everyone!


  1. The salwar kameez is a great choice. I think a saree day could be started small, say set a day like the first day of Diwali 2011 and anyone who wants to do it can join in and wear one and then post the picture on the net. If more people did it it could be a opportunity for strengthening intercultural relations, drawing attention to diwali and Indian heritage.People who do it could pay a small sum of money that could be donated to an Indian charity. If anyone wanted to join in and couldn't get a saree they could just wear a spangly scarf or something. I think it would be fun!

  2. It's wonderful that you wore a suit! That's a step towards your goal :) I'm so excited that you did that and got a chance to tell your coworkers about Diwali!

    Ooo, Cardamom, excellent idea. Someone has to organize a sari day!