Tuesday, 16 November 2010

VW Bora / Golf 2001 Turn signals and indicator faults

VW Bora / Golf 2001 Turn signals and indicator faults

To all of my regular readers I'm sorry this is a bit different however may
show up on a search and may give someone a hand that I didn't!

Car Indicator problems

Long story cut shoot my car was smashed up front left wing when someone
decided to drive in to me. The car recently came back from the body shop
with an excellent surface repair however with a few electrical issues.

On using my turn signals (left) the fuse would blow. Twice. Garage who did
the repairs said switch issue. I sad no. A switch applies power and does not
generate it fuse is blowing the circuit is obviously got an earth issue.
They insisted on switch and said that it was nothing to do with them.

I set out investigating and found that the left indicator bulb housing the
contacts inside were touching. Part them a bit, new fuse, job done. No new
switch required very much

I am now left with one minor fault that my turn lamps do not flash when
pressing the key fob remote locking. I think they have disabled the alarm
some how some reason while doing the body repairs. Of course they are still
saying nothing to do with them.

I am attaching these photos as while I was researching this problem on the
internet many were suffering with lack of information about their fuse
panels and fuse ratings in their VW glof/Bora so I attach two photos which
may help those that need them

One of the fuse maps. This has been designed for a LHD and can be a bit
confusing when trying to read for a RHD but I'm sure you can work it out

The other photo is of the fuse ratings found in colour code. This photo is
from a RHD car hence the mirror image if your compare it to the LHD map.

I must warn you this is only an example of my car and must be used as
reference only. I'm the cars second owner and this is the first time I have
looked in the fuse panel. Assuming the first owner did not switch the fuses
around too much it should be as per factory issue. Seeing the first owner
was my Mum we should be ok.

After I did a bit of maths with the Turn circuit I decided that 10A was a
bit on the borderline for the turn signals and changed this for a 15A. But
if your car is not blowing out on 10A no point changing

Once I fix the alarm flash will let you know. I shouldn't have to fix this
seeing it went in to the garage fine (exempt smashed wing) and came out an
electrical wreck. But there's nothing like a girl dressed in a sari telling
a grease monkey what he got wrong!