Saturday, 27 November 2010

Its gone quiet on the Saree front

Its quiet because I find my self working for a living once more, which is nice, too much to do in no time at all 2 weeks ago I was sat around doing nothing, now it all comes in at once! Can't win!

But at home I have been knitting with recycled sari material. I'm new to knitting, and don't know much about it only that I think I am enjoying it but at the same time don't want to do anyting too complicated.

Once this is finished I hope it will resemble something like a hot water bottle cover!

I also put all my sarees out on the bed and took a photo of them

I just had enougth bed to put them on!

I have been waiting patiently for a response from Utsav. Nothing on that front and I'm not getting my hopes up either. Hope to write about something more exciting soon!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Utsav sarees? Ive had better purchases on ebay! . What an amazing website full of every saree you can think off. Some affordable, others not so, but a wonderful collection. The amount of hours I have spent window shopping on that site are too embarrassing to admit to. However, the relationship I have with this website is slowly coming to an end. What did I do wrong do you ask? I placed and order I tell you.

It was not my first order. My first order was for my “Bollywood” saree. It took a lifetime to come to my door and it arrived a different colour than advertised however the photo and image policy covers slight colour variation so I was sort of expecting a slight colour variation. How it was described as olive green and ended up Florissant green is beyond me.

It was my second order that I was most up set about. Black Printed saree with velvet work and matching blouse see how the matching blouse is in bold.

The saree was spot on when it turned up totally as described and pictured in the advertisement, very happy with that, a lovely saree fit for the black tie event I brought it for. However the blouse, not so back tie. It’s a plain black piece that is not even made out of the same material as the saree. No detail in it what so ever. Not even a matching trim. I was most up set. The pain black blouse totally understated the whole saree and turned what should have been a formal piece fit for the stage into a casual weekend saree. I made my complaint and the response I got was in the lines of

If I want a blouse in matching fabric I will have to pay the stitching charges and the shipping charges.

Little bit confused here as. If they sold it to me as matching blouse available surely they should of send me the available matching blouse in the first place.

Of course I have emailed back a response and will keep you all up dated.

This is not my first run in with this establishment. They came to London once and I witnessed some very underhand things going on in a back room of a hotel. You will find this experience at if you are interested. Search Utsav, some very interesting comments there – even a response!

I’m sure that a response from Utsav will be a positive one, however not a quick one.

Ela has already directed me to which is in no way to be confused or attached to in any way to Utsav sarees. Are there any others out there where a good service can be recommended?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

VW Bora / Golf 2001 Turn signals and indicator faults

VW Bora / Golf 2001 Turn signals and indicator faults

To all of my regular readers I'm sorry this is a bit different however may
show up on a search and may give someone a hand that I didn't!

Car Indicator problems

Long story cut shoot my car was smashed up front left wing when someone
decided to drive in to me. The car recently came back from the body shop
with an excellent surface repair however with a few electrical issues.

On using my turn signals (left) the fuse would blow. Twice. Garage who did
the repairs said switch issue. I sad no. A switch applies power and does not
generate it fuse is blowing the circuit is obviously got an earth issue.
They insisted on switch and said that it was nothing to do with them.

I set out investigating and found that the left indicator bulb housing the
contacts inside were touching. Part them a bit, new fuse, job done. No new
switch required very much

I am now left with one minor fault that my turn lamps do not flash when
pressing the key fob remote locking. I think they have disabled the alarm
some how some reason while doing the body repairs. Of course they are still
saying nothing to do with them.

I am attaching these photos as while I was researching this problem on the
internet many were suffering with lack of information about their fuse
panels and fuse ratings in their VW glof/Bora so I attach two photos which
may help those that need them

One of the fuse maps. This has been designed for a LHD and can be a bit
confusing when trying to read for a RHD but I'm sure you can work it out

The other photo is of the fuse ratings found in colour code. This photo is
from a RHD car hence the mirror image if your compare it to the LHD map.

I must warn you this is only an example of my car and must be used as
reference only. I'm the cars second owner and this is the first time I have
looked in the fuse panel. Assuming the first owner did not switch the fuses
around too much it should be as per factory issue. Seeing the first owner
was my Mum we should be ok.

After I did a bit of maths with the Turn circuit I decided that 10A was a
bit on the borderline for the turn signals and changed this for a 15A. But
if your car is not blowing out on 10A no point changing

Once I fix the alarm flash will let you know. I shouldn't have to fix this
seeing it went in to the garage fine (exempt smashed wing) and came out an
electrical wreck. But there's nothing like a girl dressed in a sari telling
a grease monkey what he got wrong!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

This weekend trip to London introduced me once more to my least best friend
claustrophobia. Usually the Swaminarayan mandir on show to all that visit.
This weekend it was blocked from view with tents and awnings.

The turn out for the Diwali celebrations were overwhelming. We arrived early so missed
most of the queue's but still a lot of people around. A shoe tent was there
as you went in to drop off your shoes.

As soon as you entered you were
segregated a male queue and a female queue which took you in to the main
prayer hall, which I had never been into before. It was huge and luxurious
there was an unbelievably huge queue for the women, the men did not seam to
have this problem and seamed to breeze through. I spent 20 minutes of being
squashed in to there before I could not take it any more. It was not an
orderly queue but a push shove and rather undignified. At the front of the
hall I could see a wonderful array of food so much wonderfully laid out. I
made an exit and found my self into another queue which would of taken me in
to the temple if the first queue was undignified this one was a pure riot.
Claustrophobia took over and I had to get out of there. I was rather up set.
A bit of a nervous wreck I managed to find my way back to the shoes and get
out of there. I was up set at my self for not sticking it out but I just
could not do it.

It was a amazing celebration, but it would be one I would
rather do during a more quieter time. What I do not understand is why the
men did not have this issue. It made me think, is Claustrophobia only a
white girls disease and not suffered at all in Indian culture?

I like my personal space and do not see why I should suffer some ones gut pressed up my back and someone else’s breath down my neck at the same time. My recovery was quick and I did not wish to dwell on it as I was more up set that I was stuck in two queues and did not experience anything except fear, confusion, and frustration. After a few Barjies and a lot of saree spotting we left and made our way to Camden Town where we experienced a whole different side to London Culture.

Its been at least 12 years since I last been there. I visited a lot when I was a teenager, there was a huge punk, Goth rock, grunge and alternative influences now. It’s since turned (in some parts) a bit trendy and spiritual. It was great. We lot most of the day walking around the lanes looking at all the fantastic stuff for sale. Of course I was still pleased to see that the punk/Goth/rock/grunge and alternative were still a huge part of Camden Town.
Back to the hotel quick rest then I threw a saree on and went to the south bank. Went up in the London eye for the first time. By this time it was dark and London was littered with lights and we even caught sight of some fire works.

Next morning, a quick run around the Tate modern. I love hating modern art. Maybe one day I can tell you about it! A few photos and home. Exhausting.

What fun

Friday, 5 November 2010

I gave in :(

Well, I'm at work the lights are up and the sweets are out but no saree.
However I did wear my salwar Kameez. I discoved that Diwali is not well
known and provided all that asked with a very brief explanation.

One step at a time, next year I hope my saree will be on with no anticipation.
But yes there should be a national wear your saree to work day, how do you
start something like that?

Im in London this weekend to enjoy the Diwali celebrations in the BAPS Temple and I hope to get to wear the saree there at least! I am a bit disapointed in my self. One good thing that happend is that a saree I ordered up on ebay showed up and one of the girls modled it for me and she spent a good 15 mins in it. Unfortunatly the blouse is too small for me and there is no room for adjustment. Never mind.

The Salwar Kameese went down well and people were asking quetions about that. I did well...I think some small regrets on not wearing a Saree but next year should have no excuses!

Happy Diwali everyone!

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Crazy thoughts and cold feet.

I fell asleep on the sofa last night and work up with a start and a rather ridiculous feeling about my saree madness. What on earth am I doing? I’m not Indian, I have no such connections, so why this obsession. If I channelled all this effort into Western clothes and fashion I would come across as rather vain I guess or loving myself, I will properly be parading about in a fur waist coat a big chunky knitted dress with leggings and Ugg boots with an enormous bag with lots of charms hanging off it. No thanks. I will stick to the sarees thank you!

Now I have decided that wearing the latest fur and feather trimmed trends with ridiculous boots is not for me however my feet have gone rather cold. Since deciding to wear a saree to work on Friday the 5th of December I have suffered slightly with some anxiety and fear I just might pull out. The fairy lights which I have had PAT tested just for the occasion and so that I am not breaching any health and safety laws, they are still coming with me to work on Friday and so are the box of sweets I am ashamed to say the saree just may well stay in the closet for this day.

Let me explain a bit about the office I work in. There are approx 2500 employees scattered around 3 buildings. I am in one of the bigger buildings which is opened planned and I work on a floor down from the top floor. Where I sit I am on view to any one going up to or down from the top floor as well as anybody on my floor. I fear I will be on show to everyone and have a barrage of questions, the same questions thrown at me.

My obsession with saris is limited to around a handful of people I work with - they have offered some encouragement, one of them who normally is not present on Friday is coming in just for the occasion of seeing me in a saree but I feel this is because he is a pit perverted and I am well used to this sort of behaviour from him so it causes no offence.

Rather than sit here and stew over it by myself I’m putting my worries on this blog to get a feeling of what you think?

At this time my feelings towards saree Friday is

Celebrate the fist Day of Diwali by dressing in Saree
Come out of the Saree closet
White Girls can wear saris too
Bringing the saree in to Western fashion, it could well set a trend.

Lots of strange looks and questions
People still discussing it with me at the coffee machine months later
Attracting unwanted attention


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Some photos

Here are a few photos of my more recent buys
Please note, allot of these I have just thrown on as soon as I have got home, desperate to see what it looks like. I'm sure you all understand!

This one was a fantastic purchase from ebay used. I wore it at the mela and was overloaded with complements It was my favorite until my "Black" silk saree turned up in the post

This is my super bargain £5 silk saree (I think) from ebay arrived yesterday. By the photos I thought it was black however its green and gold and I love it. This I hope to wear to work on Friday for Diwali.

This is my new white saree, brought just to see what the colour looks like on me...What do you think? Its not a great photo but hope to get some in the day light soon

This is the Purple and Gold two tone that I was a bit upset about, you can tell that it must be made of plastic by the way is shines and sticks out! Bit upset with this one but a bit of work I'm sure I can make it sit right!

This is my only lengha brought in London for far too much money. I wore this to Navratri and I'm glad I did rather than a saree. The amount of times I trod on it, if it had been a saree it would be on the floor
Spending Overload

I love ebay. Most of my purchasing is done on ebay. I am a big fan of used items, they are cheaper for a start, and I feel its my part to stop a land fill and giving a unwanted item a new home as well as giving the previous owner a bit of pocket money. A lot of my shopping is done in charity shops; there are enough of them where I live. My poor boy, at the moment knows no different, but his school shoes are carefully selected from ebay, so are his DS games, as are my shoes and odd nick knacks I require to get me though the year. I’m sure as he gets older he may dislike the idea of a second hand computer game, but I’m sure put into context what would he rather. One game with the bit of polyethylene wrap still on it or three games with no polyethylene wrap on them? As a single parent with a single income it is important to look after your outgoings I feel I do this quite well and can occasionally treat my self to a saree or Five!

I keep my eye on ebay all the time for a saree, it’s a great place for an experimental buy at the moment I really would like to add to my collection a cotton saree and a silk saree, as well as that all important white saree  (in good time of course and most defiantly a new purchase). I have gone though many Salwar Kameez both on ebay and in various shops around London and have sadly found that they just do not suit meL

I am quite tall but have wide hips and the Kameez does nothing for me, it’s a fantastically comfortable garment and I am often in one at home and I have worn one to a wedding reception but compared to what I look like in a saree there is no competition. Diwali is here and I have dug them out of the depths of the wardrobe and I intend to wear at least two of them to work this week. Sadly today, I have made little effort and in my usual black trousers, black vest and some random short sleeved cardigan.

The purchasing of the Salwar Kameez is well on hold for now until at least I next go to London and get someone to make one for me that will do my hips some justice or at least hide them abit. At this time I am working on my saree collection, it has recently grown with five new recent purchases.

Two of the new purchases are from ebay. One of them a purple and gold two tone, it looked like silk, the photos were amazing, however when it came though the door I could of cried. It was stiffer than my organza saree and just as puffy, it feels like plastic and it’s incredibly scratchy. So I have learnt - if it does not state silk it properly isn’t. Despite my initial disappointment my boyfriend managed to pleat the fall and sit it on my shoulder just right. The blouse it too big and needs to meet a sewing machine but since picking the row of wired sequins off the sleeves its feeling a bit more comfortable. The original owner paid £250 for it, if I had done so I would of extremely disappointed and would of felt rather ripped off. The thing is falling apart and leaves a trail of tiny purple sequins where ever you go with it. I’m half tempted to remove all of them, as I do not have the skill or patience to do it my self! I paid £50 for it and it is still a lot of saree for the money

It will be great for the Diwali show I am going to but I feel I will not be able to get the blouse down to size quick enough, plus the theatre where the show is being held just might sent me a cleaning bill for the mess it may leave behind. Despite being upset with it, it is still a saree and I still love it.

The other ebay purchase has not come though yet, it did state silk but I won it for £5. We shall see when It gets here. The white one, you know about from a previous blog.

The remaining two I ordered weeks and weeks ago from Utsav sarees. If you google Complaints board and Utsav you will see that there is an awful amount of bad press. One of them is even mine! I feel a second chance is in order. Here I have ordered a saree for next years Navratri and a Contemporary vampire black saree for my woks black tie Christmas party at the end of November.

That’s a lot of sarees to buy just over three weeks or so, all that is left on the list is a cotton saree and that all important white one. But for now its time to calm down and enjoy what I have for now.

Autumn in the UK is a wonderful time, the tress are turning some fantastic colors as they loose their leaves in preparation for the winter. I am hoping to put some of my new purchases on and take some photos to post. Of course, I need it to stop raining first!

Monday, 1 November 2010

What every girl secretly dreams of….?

When you buy an item just to see what the colour looks like on you. You either have;

A) More money than sense
B) You have lost the plot.

Mine is defiantly the latter

Ever since I got introduced to the saree (which buy the way I still can’t pin point) I have often wondered what it would look like in white and on my wedding day.

I was not very good as a girl growing up; I was always a bit of a tomboy. I never understood dolls, or why I should have a lot of pink things. I had two brothers and four boy cousins and no other girls in the family to grow up with. I loved Lego and Mechano and Transformers. I’m sure when I discovered the saree I also discovered that all this time I was female and I started to fantasise about my wedding. The fact that I was not even engaged or not remotely dating did not come in to the equation back then. All I could think about is me in a white saree.

So as you have guessed, the item I brought just to see what the colour looks like on me was in-fact a white saree. Well Ivory cream at least. It was an inexpensive saree from a UK based mail order catalogue. I was not expecting a masterpiece though the door and it was a little crudely put together however a lot more detailed than the picture that decided my order.

The blouse was very tight and I was upset to see that it had rust marks on it around the fastenings and a random rust spot on the neckline. There was even a smudge of grease on the sleeve. Most upset as being cream IT DOES NOTICE!

Desperate to see what it looks like on me I threw it on and when I said before, I wasn’t good at being a girl, girls say Oh my Good all the time at the moment. That word left my lips for the first time. Despite my big red nose and my pale patchy skin, grease and rust marks it looked stunning.

The boyfriend who kindly picked this item up for me from the post office knew it was something cheeky I ordered and that, sorry, he could never see it on me or never know what, why or when. He quite understood about my secrecy, but I was so impressed with it and how it looked I HAD TO SHOW SOMEONE.

Though a crack in the bedroom door I explained that I am just exterminating with colours and not to be upset with me or assume that I am waiting for him to pop the question. He saw it and loved it and did not run from the house screaming with his hands in the air! Which was a result.

The white saree is traditionally worn by a widow, but if you google images white saree you will find that at Bollywood parties they are very much in. There are saree blogs plastered with white sarees. These I never like too much as they never state where I can buy them from! For at least 3 years now I have been looking for the perfect white saree, I have it in my mind what I want but I just cannot find it. But now they are coming more fashionable I just might get lucky.

(That was just 1 of 5 recent purchases.)

A quick Thank you

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your kind comments. My overtime from my time working away has come in and I have gone mad with saree buying. I shall update you later!!

Thanks again