Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Utsav sarees? Ive had better purchases on ebay! . What an amazing website full of every saree you can think off. Some affordable, others not so, but a wonderful collection. The amount of hours I have spent window shopping on that site are too embarrassing to admit to. However, the relationship I have with this website is slowly coming to an end. What did I do wrong do you ask? I placed and order I tell you.

It was not my first order. My first order was for my “Bollywood” saree. It took a lifetime to come to my door and it arrived a different colour than advertised however the photo and image policy covers slight colour variation so I was sort of expecting a slight colour variation. How it was described as olive green and ended up Florissant green is beyond me.

It was my second order that I was most up set about. Black Printed saree with velvet work and matching blouse see how the matching blouse is in bold.

The saree was spot on when it turned up totally as described and pictured in the advertisement, very happy with that, a lovely saree fit for the black tie event I brought it for. However the blouse, not so back tie. It’s a plain black piece that is not even made out of the same material as the saree. No detail in it what so ever. Not even a matching trim. I was most up set. The pain black blouse totally understated the whole saree and turned what should have been a formal piece fit for the stage into a casual weekend saree. I made my complaint and the response I got was in the lines of

If I want a blouse in matching fabric I will have to pay the stitching charges and the shipping charges.

Little bit confused here as. If they sold it to me as matching blouse available surely they should of send me the available matching blouse in the first place.

Of course I have emailed back a response and will keep you all up dated.

This is not my first run in with this establishment. They came to London once and I witnessed some very underhand things going on in a back room of a hotel. You will find this experience at if you are interested. Search Utsav, some very interesting comments there – even a response!

I’m sure that a response from Utsav will be a positive one, however not a quick one.

Ela has already directed me to which is in no way to be confused or attached to in any way to Utsav sarees. Are there any others out there where a good service can be recommended?


  1. Shwetika do you know readymade blouses are also avilable in market here .They give a fantasitic fit. All you have to do is to buy it according to ur bra size .If you want to get it stiched you can buy rubia cloth and get it stiched. If that also does not work come to India and we go shopping.

  2. Oh dear, I just placed an order with them! Now I'm quite nervous.

    And Ela, when I come to India, you and I are definitely going shopping! :)

  3. Aamba
    I do hope your order is better than mine. I feel that the sarees are always spot on hoever the blouse is always a bit hit or miss. When I placed the order I also ordered anoter one for next Navratri (eager arn't I!) That one was ok however the underskirt had not been finished the string had not been put through the waist band. Sure I can do my self. The blouse was a defanate match but where they had folded it over to stich it a load of sequins are now scraching around my waist making it unwearable. I now have a bit of a task ahead of me unpicking them all. Never mind! When I do come to India I would love to go shopping. Thank you Ela. I thing from now on I will order a unstiched blouse and just do it my self. Less disapointment that way. At the moment I am stuck in the mindset that the blouse has to match the saree exactly but like you said, find a nice fabric which contrasts nicley should look great!

  4. I hope u are not wearing ur sarees without fhaal. Or u will spoil them.

  5. What is fhaal? Im guessing the stiching at the bottom of the saree?

  6. Yes it is. Very necessary.

  7. Yes so far all my sarees have come with that, however I have just purchased a unstiched saree complete with unstiched blouse so will need to learn how to get that just right!

  8. You go to the shop from where u purchased sari ,Ask them to put the fhall on sari. This service is provided free.

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  10. That's awful that you had a bad experience with them. I've been ordering from them for years and have never had an issue. I've ordered 30+ sarees and 10+ lenghas over the last 2 years for my sisters, mom, aunt, friends, and myself. Usually if there's a problem with the material or the blouse measurements I submit online, I usually get a phone call within 48 hrs after placing the order and get the matter sorted out. If you ever do go back to them, I hope you have a great experience.

  11. I have a big event coming up and I think I should give them a second chance. I'm also thinking I have a number of sarees that have not seen the light of day and I should cove them a chance too!