Monday, 1 November 2010

What every girl secretly dreams of….?

When you buy an item just to see what the colour looks like on you. You either have;

A) More money than sense
B) You have lost the plot.

Mine is defiantly the latter

Ever since I got introduced to the saree (which buy the way I still can’t pin point) I have often wondered what it would look like in white and on my wedding day.

I was not very good as a girl growing up; I was always a bit of a tomboy. I never understood dolls, or why I should have a lot of pink things. I had two brothers and four boy cousins and no other girls in the family to grow up with. I loved Lego and Mechano and Transformers. I’m sure when I discovered the saree I also discovered that all this time I was female and I started to fantasise about my wedding. The fact that I was not even engaged or not remotely dating did not come in to the equation back then. All I could think about is me in a white saree.

So as you have guessed, the item I brought just to see what the colour looks like on me was in-fact a white saree. Well Ivory cream at least. It was an inexpensive saree from a UK based mail order catalogue. I was not expecting a masterpiece though the door and it was a little crudely put together however a lot more detailed than the picture that decided my order.

The blouse was very tight and I was upset to see that it had rust marks on it around the fastenings and a random rust spot on the neckline. There was even a smudge of grease on the sleeve. Most upset as being cream IT DOES NOTICE!

Desperate to see what it looks like on me I threw it on and when I said before, I wasn’t good at being a girl, girls say Oh my Good all the time at the moment. That word left my lips for the first time. Despite my big red nose and my pale patchy skin, grease and rust marks it looked stunning.

The boyfriend who kindly picked this item up for me from the post office knew it was something cheeky I ordered and that, sorry, he could never see it on me or never know what, why or when. He quite understood about my secrecy, but I was so impressed with it and how it looked I HAD TO SHOW SOMEONE.

Though a crack in the bedroom door I explained that I am just exterminating with colours and not to be upset with me or assume that I am waiting for him to pop the question. He saw it and loved it and did not run from the house screaming with his hands in the air! Which was a result.

The white saree is traditionally worn by a widow, but if you google images white saree you will find that at Bollywood parties they are very much in. There are saree blogs plastered with white sarees. These I never like too much as they never state where I can buy them from! For at least 3 years now I have been looking for the perfect white saree, I have it in my mind what I want but I just cannot find it. But now they are coming more fashionable I just might get lucky.

(That was just 1 of 5 recent purchases.)


  1. Oh Shwetika I would have loved to see you in your new saree. Why not put a picture ? And when are you going to tell us about the rest of the sarees? I hope you dont take too long. By the way I like the new look of your blog.

  2. Many thanks for your comments again!
    I also like the new look, fancied a change.
    I am working on the photos. The apartment I live in is tiny and there is nowhere to take a decent photo to do the sarees any justice, I’m hoping to get a few taken this weekend. More posts to follow
    Take care

  3. Oh yes, we must see pictures! It sounds wonderful.

  4. You know Noone can ever guess that you were tomboyish in you childhood. You look so beautiful ,confident and utterly feminine.

  5. When I see those photos I have to remind my self – That’s me! The photos came about as a birthday treat, and to find out what I look like in a Saree before I “came out of the closet” or invested money into buying any more, I really wanted to see what I looked like in one. For all I knew I looked ridiculous. So I booked my self in for a make over and a photo shoot and the studio did a fantastic job. I was a little bit annoyed as I was not given the time to put the sarees on correctly and I did not get the chance to dress the fabric or cover my feet, and some of the photos, like the one of me laying about are a bit over the top, but they achieved what I wanted and I do look rather good in a saree. It may take a lot of makeup and hair spray but I’m so pleased with the result. It was hard work and I had to contort my self in some really odd positions but well worth the result. Here is a photo of me with out a saree on. Bit chalk and cheese isn’t it! (I have posted it on the blog)