Monday, 6 December 2010


When I was a kid, it snowed a lot, I must have been 8 when the last deep snow hit, I can remember being cold, but I remember having fun. What I do not remember is the whole country shutting down. The recent snow has left me stranded in my home town for over a week unable to get to work. My sons school has been understandbly shut, so even if I could get to work, I would struggle to get to work still. I was watching the news and a canadian torest stated that this is the sort of snow you brush away with a broom, not the sort that should shut down a whole country. And he is right, however the snow in my drive and up the road needs a shovel and I have been shoveling!

Still its better than last year when it snowed. There were not grit and I spent the day going out and rescuing the elderly who had fallen over in the ice.

This year there is grit but they have not put it on the pavements because to be honnest its not too bad at the moment. They have sent a few JCB’s up and down the road and blocked my drive up again however at least the roads are a bit safer now.

My son enjoyed his day of sledging down the hill however by the time we got home he was so cold and so upset with being cold he didn’t want to do it again!

Now its starting to thaw out things are returning to normal now and Im back at work which is nice.

Still quite on the saree front however have brought another second of ebay, its crape, havn’t got a crape one and its got a vest like top with no sleeves, has been pre stiched with a waist band so will have fun removing that!

The silk one I brought of ebay is being held hostage by boyfriend who has found someone to stich the blouse for me I will not see it until christmas. Never mind!


  1. Crape sarees are beautiful. Plz keep it safe.

  2. Should be in the post tomorrow. Can't wait