Friday, 10 December 2010

Asian bride show anybody?

Bit of a long shot but is anyone going to the Asian Wedding show in Wembley 22nd – 23rd Jan 2011?


  1. wow, I just properly looked at the video.. what are some of these women doing?? why do you want to go hun?? Im up for either day, Im not working either side of that weekend so just let me know insha'Allah... Im going to add you on Facebook k?!

  2. dude... you have to pay for tickets??? hmm.. lemme talk to hubby and Ill get back to you on that one

  3. Not too sure really why I want to go, just want to look at some wedding fashion, I guess I am planning ahead for my big day. Boyfreind has not even poped the question yet! How creepy am I? I can't find a normal asian fashion show, there should be one somewhere, but where?!?!