Saturday, 11 December 2010

Where do I put these!?!? And an outing in vampire black saree

Christmas has come early for me in the form of FOUR new sarees. It of course came as no surprise as I had brought them myself off eaby. They are all seconds so four more sarees have found a nice new home where I hope they will be happy and worn often.

This one is soft silky and surprisingly heavy. It has a lovey wide border and the blouse is very long, I’ve never had a blouse quite like it I love it, in fact I am wearing it now! I would love to keep it on all day but its wet and raining outside and it would totally ruin the bottom of the saree.

I am still experimenting with white at the moment I think it looks great, however if you can’t tell from the photo I have found a flaw right where it sits across my chest where the fabric has been pulled and it is very noticeable more like a rip. I think this one is polyester as it has that sticky sensation when you try to work, the fabric does not flow nicely at all, I will have to avoid such purchases in the future. But I will be wearing this for Holy next year and see how many colours I can get splatted on it!

This is my first crepe saree, and what can I say, it is wonderful, the fabric is so smooth and light, and this one has a slight shine to it. It’s extremely plain which I think is in at the moment. The blouse doesn’t have any sleeves which I’m not used to and I’m worried with me being Caucasian it makes me look like I’m wearing a toga! The blouse also has a low cut blouse at the back fantastic. It took me a few hours to get it on as it was pre-stitched in to a waist band which was for an extremely slim person. I managed to pick it out and in doing so I found a lot of stains so will spending the rest of the day finding out how to wash crape. Ela any advice always greatly received. Also it does not have a fall stitched into it so will have to do that before I wear it out.
The fourth one in currently in the washing machine.  Its maroon in colour and very heavy. The blouse is wonderful, it has a high neck however it looks rather dated and was probably fashionable in the 70’s which is great as the vintage look is really in at the moment. Over in the UK anyway.
Last night I went out with the boyfriend and his parents for dinner. I was in the mood for wearing a saree so my Vampire black one got another airing and a lot of complements.

It is very light and if it wasn’t for the itchy metallic thread in some places you would feel like you have nothing on! I still think the blouse is lacking something around the sleeves. What do you think?
I will now spend the rest of the day trying to find some room to put them all!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi.Your sari at the top is a very expensive sari with traditional Indian blouse.Its very beautiful and you look so good in it. Crape is a very delicate material .Plz remember if it is original then even water strains will be shown on it. It does on mine. Plz dont wear it without fall or it will tear easily.Always dryclean it an keep in polythene bag. The blouse you r wearing with the black sari is the way we wear it .If you want to decorate it you can use zari border or red lace on it. Anyway all ur sarees are grate. Wash any food strains with petrol.

  2. Ela, thank you for your advice. I have already found some stains on the crepe saree, which I am worried will not come out :( I will be putting it into the cleaners when I stitch a fall onto it. I can’t wait for the next party to wear it too!

  3. I'm so excited that you wore a saree out to dinner! That's wonderful that they are getting use. I love the idea of getting your white one made colorful at Holi! I love the first one, I'm not surprised that Ela says it is an expensive kind.

    By the way, mine arrived from Utsaav with no problems, so I'll have to put a picture of it up on my blog soon.

  4. Oh, and my dad told me that I'll need saree to wear when we visit India, so I told him I have at least ten of them. He was so surprised. He said, "In that case, bring some for your mother." When my mom heard I had so many she was even more surprised!

  5. When are you going to India, how exciting. I plan to visit India with an empty suit case and come home with it full. Im glad that you were pleased with the purchase from Utsav, I am still going around in circles with my complaint and I have come to the conclusion that I will simply not use them again. Very much looking forward to seeing you photo. My mum and dad have no Idea how many I own. I have not fully come out of the closet yet! My boyfriends parents are ok with it even though I know that they think its rather odd! I have the support of my boyfriend and those on the blog so thank you x

  6. Hey, your comment about white sares is very accurate: It takes time and experimentation. Also, purely due to it's color, white sarees begin to look a bit "toga-esque" after a while.

    But the look of a sheer, white pallu draped across ones body is pretty sexy and, with the right blouse, ornamentation and accessories you'll be a knockout! Bahut khoobsurat!

    Enjoy the adventure!

  7. Hey, you look BEAUTIFUL in a saree!!!