Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My re-homing obsession

As you all are aware, I have a very special relationship with ebay and sarees

Here is a picture of a blouse I have recently brought

It is very detailed with gold spun wire thread and black sequins, and it is very heavy. I was keeping my eye out for a plain black chiffon saree for it . However....

I found this on ebay and I have a day to decide to bid for it or not. They are asking allot of money for it it looks soft and silky and looks like it may go with the blouse. What do you think?

Also beginning to wonder...When will I stop buying?!? I will always go for a bargain however anything more than £5 I do put some thought into before I buy!

Below are some photos of those I have not brought, but wanted to, just to show I do exercise some self restraint!

However I am seriously thinking about these two

I fancy owning a blue one at the moment. But Im sure this obsession will not stop until I get married in one! And that could be some time comming!


  1. I dont think the material will match the blouse, sorry.. I think u need a straight plain one as the blouse is so detailed. Im thinking about how i wear my hijabs (headscarves) if i wear a detailed one a plain outfit is a must.. its the same concept with the saree blouse and material. Just my thoughts :)

  2. Thoughts very welcome. You may of saved me £40!

  3. I like the blue sari and the fourth from the bottom. the grey sari is too good. Hou could you leave it?

  4. You are an ebay genius. I don't know how you find all these amazing saris!

  5. I Do a 1000km search for used sarees and there is always something I add to my watch list. Also I have the lack of work to thank to be able to sit there and look at sarees. I have missed out on some because the seller has not got back to me with an answer to my questions and mostly because I feel too much money is being asked in the first place. I would always rather do my saree shopping in a shop but it's very limited here :(

  6. How do you find saris for so cheap?

  7. Ebay, used items in the local area, I LOVE EBAY!