Friday, 17 December 2010

Non Indians in Sarees

Angelina-Jolie has forgot to put on her blouse. In all fairness I think it was for a movie

Anna Kournikova, wow, its a shame she did not wear it when she plays tennis I love the shoes!

Ashley Judd wonderful saree. Stunning

Lady Kingsley, thanks for trying but I feel you may of needed some help!

This is Camron Diaz, the saree is wasted in this pose, I would love to see what it looks like upright!

Julia Roberts in the film eat love pray, I would love to know what saree she would choose with out a wardrobe team choosing it for her

JR again

Jessica, where has your petticoat gone?

The late Lady Di not in a saree, but in a slawar, just a bit of name dropping but I brought a saree off Geeta Sarin a designer who designed a salwar for Lady Di..Not this salwar mind

Liz Hurley and son. It was Liz's destiny to wear sarees, doesn't she look great!

Liz Hurley again, the right way to wear a saree thank you

Madonna, I wonder what it would of looked like if the flash was not so harsh

Pamela Anderson. No Never again, please no, a more modest blouse even with that size chest and it could of looked allot better

Patricia Arquette Love it

Dear Pussy cat dolls. Thank you for bringing the saree to the uk teenage public attention. Next time don't make them look so trashy

Victora Beckhams tiny frame is lost under all that heavy material. Still stunning.

Alyssa milano.....What are you doing to that poor saree


Helen Mirren. If this photo does not make you want to wear a saree, nothing will. Save the best till last I say. I love it such a brilliant choice and she wears it so well.


  1. I think Angelina is wearing a toga :) the hair makes it look like a very Roman movie ;) stunning pictures (mostly)

  2. You right! Do I say my bag, or my bad?

  3. Helen is wearing printed silk sari . She looks great. Its so difficult to post comment on ur blog.

  4. Yes, the pic of Angelina, I think, is from the movie Alexander, about Alexander the Great, so it must be a toga.

    But wow, I had no idea so many people had worn saris. I haven't seen most of these pictures, I'm so glad you gathered them!

  5. This is great! Thanks for pulling together so many different Western folks in saris! Maybe this will make me braver the next time I go to wear one...

  6. Thank you for all your comments I had fun putting this together and hope to add more when I find them. Sorry Ela that you are having some trouble leaving comments. I'm not too sure what to suggest. you could email me and I can put them up for you. I always have to make sure I am logged in first before replying if I forget it takes a bit longer..... I think I forgot this time as well. Hello Laura hope you do feel braver next time you wrap! It does take some courage!

  7. Liz is wearing a sidha pallu sari. Its the most traditional way to wear a sari. I love it. Do you wear it?

  8. Ur maroon sari will look very good in sedha pallu.

  9. not always indian women used to wear blouse.
    even 70-80 years ago , lots of women used not to - out of choice.

    let me recommend you this film ,Chokher Bali - set around 100 years ago.

    traditionally speaking stitched cloths are not allowed if you are involved in religious rituals, both for males and females - something which is hardly followed now a days.

    as far as i understand the reason behind this - stitching was either not known or not very popular in india before the muslims arrived. so tradition forbids stitched cloths during rituals.

    - basu

  10. Seeha pallu is pallu where pallu is not thrown behind.

  11. Hello Ela, your always a vital sourse of vaild information for me. Previously I have only known the Seeha Pallu sari as the Gujarati style. I have not ventured out yet with my saree wraped as Seeha Pallu, but I do plan to. Last Navratri I fet like a bit of a tool not only being the only white girl there, but also being the only one wearing her saree in Nivi style. I need to put more practice into wearing the pallu at the front. I have a handful off sarees were I feel it would look fab, and all of them are waiting for Navratri next year. Will have to get practicing!

  12. Basu

    Thank you for this bit of information. It is of course somthing I have not learnt before and my learning curve about the saree is going up and up and seams never ending. Which is hardly suprising considering the saree has been in fashion for centurary after centurary. The more I learn the more I love them. I have pushed out heavy hints at my boyfreind for a saree book this christmas, but I fear regardless of how many books I read, one will never be an expert on such a mysterious garment. Thank you for the film recomendation I look forward to finding it and watching it

  13. Basu I want to know ur gender? If I may?

  14. ela,

    indian male.


    i am not particularly interested in sari. but i am interested in almost anything and everything.

  15. Thats a very good habit. I had a feeling that you are a bengali man but since you talked about sarees I became confused.

  16. - not sure if this could be classified as a saree. - sophie dahl - brit model

    just a few more pics of non-indian celebs in sarees.

  17. Thank you Anonymous sourse for the links, wonderful!

  18. Anonymous - has been a lurker on your blog for a long time....reached here from Aambas blog...has read every blog entry of a 35 yr old single indian male who been in the north west for donkeys....well 6 and 1/2 yrs... always had this theory that all women look good in a saree.( has a thing for the non- indian ones who wear em).now you now why the links.

  19. Good for Anonymous do keep it up, and do let me know If you find any others I will post them up!

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