Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Season’s greetings from the UK

I feel like a pompous, ignorant, uneducated fool.

At least I can comfort my self that yes; I did know that England at one point ruled India. Why, when and how is the bit I am not too sure on.

It is easy to throw my anger at my school, why did I not have a decent history lesson or a decent any lesson for that matter. Why was every class dominated by unruly pupils, the worst culprit being now quite big in the porn industry and the other culprits riding the benefit systems.

Its easy to blame the school and then I could blame the TV maybe they should stop running all these documentaries about forensic evidence of Christ and how a tennis racket is made and run something that might educate us Brits in something that happened not so long ago.

Exactly what did I learn in History? I cannot think of a single thing not one, vague recollections of medieval torture. I remember the great British plague and the great British fire every thing in history seams to be the Great British something. But what about the great British reign of India?

There have been hints of it as I grew up I guess, Mary Poppins for example, how the British economy was built on the East India Trading Company, Pirates of the Caribbean and also spotting Indian fabrics in stately homes.

I have a theory. Maybe what I did learn in history disturbed me so much I just blotted it out of my mind to protect my self from the cruelty of early Britain. I mean if having a king who killed his wife’s and divided religion even more wasn’t bad enough. But the truth is I have not had any formal lessons in any thing to do with the British Empire.

Recently a friend in India stated that that the Indians have a soft spot for the English because of the reign. It made me think. Why the soft spot? What on earth did we do except exploit recourses, labour and divide and rule with some devastating consequences. And of course shoot men, women children and tigers.

I guess there are always the trains, science and languages and it certainly made the stuffed animal collection grow in the Natural History museum, but really, was it worth it? To me it looks like the English came, wrecked, hung on for far too long and ran away with their tail between their legs.

I have not yet studied it fully and I know it will not be a pleasant learning, and what I have so far have found has made me feel uncomfortable being a Brit who is enjoying learning about Indian culture to find that possibly a late ancestor was overseas pinching ivory and exploiting the land and its people. Not a nice feeling.

My boyfriend is constantly reminding me of the fact that I am not Indian; I have never understood that until now, “of course I know I’m not Indian! what do you mean?” I ask him.

The rose tinted glasses have not slipped from my Indian closet, they are not firmly on my nose either, and however they have fallen off at my English one. And it has certainly stirred up some horrid memories from my school days!

Monday, 20 December 2010

My blog is being made more public thanks to a cross-dressing site.

I was browsing the Internet when I suddenly found my blog in a cross dressers website!

At first I was a bit horrified, do I look like a man? In certain photos, I guess I do! I’m female! Honest, I know, I have given birth after all!

However my horror did not last long as I began to think about it a bit more. After all, I have made use of the term “coming out of the closet” which in some cultures states that you are reviling your secrets and mostly in the UK states you are opening up about your homosexuality, which at this point I would like to point out that not all cross dressers are homosexual.

Putting my self in another set of shoes I thought, there is not a lot of difference between me and a cross dresser. There’s this obsession, that’s not quite the norm, which you find hard to talk about hard, and hard to find people with similar interests and always at the back of your mind what everyone else thinks.

It must take some courage trying to tell your family that as their son you like noting better than getting a nice dress on, stiletto heels and hitting the town armed with a handbag and lipstick.

If I’m honest, where my family are concerned I am well and truly still in the closet when it comes to coming out with my saree obsession. My dad sort of knows about the fact I like sarees, and I think he likes it because India had a huge influence on the Beatles, my dad is Beatles mad, and of course, I think my dad is a closet hippy. My mum draws a blank on the subject, when I told her I wanted to wear a saree to my brothers wedding resulted in the finger waving and “If you ever….” (Words of disownment followed as it does overtime I do something that mother does not approve of)

When you do not have the support behind you from your own mother, I feel that you are made to feel slightly outcast from what you feel is, and should be a part of you. I have the disapproval of my mother sat on my shoulder like a little red daemon, the sort you used to see in the old cartoons nagging at me saying that I shouldn’t be wrapping that saree, I should be wearing things that are more ordinary. (Apparently)

So I call my self a cultural cross dresser, who favours the Asian fashion, sarees in particular. When I do venture out in a saree I get a lot of complements, I just wish my mum could hear them I’m sure she will suddenly find herself proud of her tom boy daughter all of a sudden and encourage the wearing. The odd thing is, if my mum was out and about and happened across a man in a dress, she would be singing his praises and be full of complements, of course, if he looked good!

As said before I have the support of my readers, those on twitter and those that complement me when I’m out and about in the saree so thank you.

I wrote on their blog

“Hello, Thank you for supporting my blog! I’m having a lot of fun writing it. I am a self confessed cultural cross dresser and sort of nearly almost just slightly in some ways face the same issues some of your more shy members may suffer with whilst expressing their individuality. Keep up the good work”

Friday, 17 December 2010

Non Indians in Sarees

Angelina-Jolie has forgot to put on her blouse. In all fairness I think it was for a movie

Anna Kournikova, wow, its a shame she did not wear it when she plays tennis I love the shoes!

Ashley Judd wonderful saree. Stunning

Lady Kingsley, thanks for trying but I feel you may of needed some help!

This is Camron Diaz, the saree is wasted in this pose, I would love to see what it looks like upright!

Julia Roberts in the film eat love pray, I would love to know what saree she would choose with out a wardrobe team choosing it for her

JR again

Jessica, where has your petticoat gone?

The late Lady Di not in a saree, but in a slawar, just a bit of name dropping but I brought a saree off Geeta Sarin a designer who designed a salwar for Lady Di..Not this salwar mind

Liz Hurley and son. It was Liz's destiny to wear sarees, doesn't she look great!

Liz Hurley again, the right way to wear a saree thank you

Madonna, I wonder what it would of looked like if the flash was not so harsh

Pamela Anderson. No Never again, please no, a more modest blouse even with that size chest and it could of looked allot better

Patricia Arquette Love it

Dear Pussy cat dolls. Thank you for bringing the saree to the uk teenage public attention. Next time don't make them look so trashy

Victora Beckhams tiny frame is lost under all that heavy material. Still stunning.

Alyssa milano.....What are you doing to that poor saree


Helen Mirren. If this photo does not make you want to wear a saree, nothing will. Save the best till last I say. I love it such a brilliant choice and she wears it so well.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

I do not follow what the celebs do....However....

Just seen on facebook that brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will tie the knot in Jodhpur and there is a poll out on if she is going to wear a Lhenga or saree. I just wanted to point out, what when I wear a saree on my wedding day (if I have a wedding day of course) it was not because Angelina did!! I thought of it first! I am already cringing with the thought of people saying “oh- just like A.J” Save me.

On one hand it would be great if she did get married in Indian attire, it will really open everyone’s eyes to wonderful world of Asian wedding fashion. I just would not like anyone associating me with what the celebrities do. I’m wearing a saree because I want to and not because of some fat lipped actress!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My re-homing obsession

As you all are aware, I have a very special relationship with ebay and sarees

Here is a picture of a blouse I have recently brought

It is very detailed with gold spun wire thread and black sequins, and it is very heavy. I was keeping my eye out for a plain black chiffon saree for it . However....

I found this on ebay and I have a day to decide to bid for it or not. They are asking allot of money for it it looks soft and silky and looks like it may go with the blouse. What do you think?

Also beginning to wonder...When will I stop buying?!? I will always go for a bargain however anything more than £5 I do put some thought into before I buy!

Below are some photos of those I have not brought, but wanted to, just to show I do exercise some self restraint!

However I am seriously thinking about these two

I fancy owning a blue one at the moment. But Im sure this obsession will not stop until I get married in one! And that could be some time comming!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Three hours and its gone...What do you think?

I found this on ebay, and have not seen a saree quite like it
Can't decide if I should add it to my collection. It would be nice to have some vivid colours for a change

And I guess a black blouse may tone it down alittle.
Thoughts welcome!?

Monday, 13 December 2010


I have never got on with facebook but I am giving another chance Please don't expect anything exciting. Just hoping to get a few saree nuts together, might see you there!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Where do I put these!?!? And an outing in vampire black saree

Christmas has come early for me in the form of FOUR new sarees. It of course came as no surprise as I had brought them myself off eaby. They are all seconds so four more sarees have found a nice new home where I hope they will be happy and worn often.

This one is soft silky and surprisingly heavy. It has a lovey wide border and the blouse is very long, I’ve never had a blouse quite like it I love it, in fact I am wearing it now! I would love to keep it on all day but its wet and raining outside and it would totally ruin the bottom of the saree.

I am still experimenting with white at the moment I think it looks great, however if you can’t tell from the photo I have found a flaw right where it sits across my chest where the fabric has been pulled and it is very noticeable more like a rip. I think this one is polyester as it has that sticky sensation when you try to work, the fabric does not flow nicely at all, I will have to avoid such purchases in the future. But I will be wearing this for Holy next year and see how many colours I can get splatted on it!

This is my first crepe saree, and what can I say, it is wonderful, the fabric is so smooth and light, and this one has a slight shine to it. It’s extremely plain which I think is in at the moment. The blouse doesn’t have any sleeves which I’m not used to and I’m worried with me being Caucasian it makes me look like I’m wearing a toga! The blouse also has a low cut blouse at the back fantastic. It took me a few hours to get it on as it was pre-stitched in to a waist band which was for an extremely slim person. I managed to pick it out and in doing so I found a lot of stains so will spending the rest of the day finding out how to wash crape. Ela any advice always greatly received. Also it does not have a fall stitched into it so will have to do that before I wear it out.
The fourth one in currently in the washing machine.  Its maroon in colour and very heavy. The blouse is wonderful, it has a high neck however it looks rather dated and was probably fashionable in the 70’s which is great as the vintage look is really in at the moment. Over in the UK anyway.
Last night I went out with the boyfriend and his parents for dinner. I was in the mood for wearing a saree so my Vampire black one got another airing and a lot of complements.

It is very light and if it wasn’t for the itchy metallic thread in some places you would feel like you have nothing on! I still think the blouse is lacking something around the sleeves. What do you think?
I will now spend the rest of the day trying to find some room to put them all!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Asian bride show anybody?

Bit of a long shot but is anyone going to the Asian Wedding show in Wembley 22nd – 23rd Jan 2011?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The saree is not here

Hopefuly tomorrow. Utsav have emailed me asking for feed back for the 2nd saree they sent me. I am still waiting for them to resolve the issues I had with the first saree. Time to draft another email I think!

Monday, 6 December 2010


When I was a kid, it snowed a lot, I must have been 8 when the last deep snow hit, I can remember being cold, but I remember having fun. What I do not remember is the whole country shutting down. The recent snow has left me stranded in my home town for over a week unable to get to work. My sons school has been understandbly shut, so even if I could get to work, I would struggle to get to work still. I was watching the news and a canadian torest stated that this is the sort of snow you brush away with a broom, not the sort that should shut down a whole country. And he is right, however the snow in my drive and up the road needs a shovel and I have been shoveling!

Still its better than last year when it snowed. There were not grit and I spent the day going out and rescuing the elderly who had fallen over in the ice.

This year there is grit but they have not put it on the pavements because to be honnest its not too bad at the moment. They have sent a few JCB’s up and down the road and blocked my drive up again however at least the roads are a bit safer now.

My son enjoyed his day of sledging down the hill however by the time we got home he was so cold and so upset with being cold he didn’t want to do it again!

Now its starting to thaw out things are returning to normal now and Im back at work which is nice.

Still quite on the saree front however have brought another second of ebay, its crape, havn’t got a crape one and its got a vest like top with no sleeves, has been pre stiched with a waist band so will have fun removing that!

The silk one I brought of ebay is being held hostage by boyfriend who has found someone to stich the blouse for me I will not see it until christmas. Never mind!