Monday, 6 September 2010

Now my head is really beginning to hurt!

I think I have overdosed on information what else can it be? Possibly my diet in between salads and tea, I must try and get some water down me.
On my third trip to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden, London. I brought a fantastic book. Hindu rites and rituals. I have been busy reading that. I have learnt many things in the first chapter about the Mandir, why and how they are built. On to the next chapter now Prand Pratishtha (Image consecration) a bit more intense and not so easy to follow, but getting there.
One thing that nothing is making too clear for me is the Swaminarayan way. Do all temples worship Bhagwan Swaminarayan or do they focus their attention on another or a certain god?
Is Hinduism segregated in to God worship and Swami worship? I’m confused. But sure I will find out!

Did you know that on the 21st September 1995 murti’s worldwide drank milk!

And that the flags on top of the temple represent a deity’s hair

A bell with out a handle is forbidden in rituals since is may augur misfortune (that’s my bell going in the bin then!)

The Hare Kristina movement is slowly coming together in my mind, and it is something I cannot get too excited about. Knowing that Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Vishnu surly shouldn’t at least acknowledged  I guess I have always liked the bigger picture and properly explains why I am always so confused with trying to see it all and understand it at once!
The reading shall continue only after my headache has subsided.


  1. There are so many different ways to be a Hindu! Hinduism is not just one way or one thing.

    The Hare Krishna movement is all about devotion and has some similarity to evangelical Christianity (replacing Jesus with Krishna, obviously). Personally, it isn't for me. I need more of a thinking, debating, probing type of relationship with the divine, which is why I opted for the Smartha branch and advaita.

    There are a lot of choices for you!

  2. Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Vishnu :)

  3. Thanks! Getting mixed up! Still have the headace!

  4. 21st September 1995 - i remember that day.

    we are returning from school and saw on the way crowd in every temple - big and small.
    only realized what it was when we switched on the TV after i reached home.

    later that night , people had discovered that not only all the gods but a lot of other objects were also drinking milk.

    that day was india's mass learning about capillary action or the fact that god is in everywhere.

    i am curious to know how were you introduced to hindusim?