Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Many thanks to all

Many thanks to Aamba for letting everyone know who I am; I was beginning to feel a bit by my self!
Thanks for all the comments also they mean so much. The photos down the side of this Blogg are of me, one of the better ones at least!

I have many outfits but like I said not many of them have left the house!

I would love to make my own Saree one day I’m working up to that one.

The opportunity is presenting its self for me to wear a Saree tomorrow as I have taken the day off work to travel up to Watford to visit Bhaktivedanta Manor which was donated to the Hare Krishna movement in the early 1970’s by former Beatle George Harrison Jasmashtami will be in full swing and I’m taking my little boy with me he is very lively and does nothing but run around, so I’m thinking a Saree will not be my best decision. Will see what the weather is doing.

I have no Idea what the Hare Krishna movement is but sure I will have the opportunity to find out tomorrow. If anyone can enlighten me before I leave I would be very grateful. Before I get there I hope to visit Neasden Temple to witness Aarti again. The opportunity presented its self last Friday I ran all the way across London and missed it by three minutes. Most up set with my self!

Again, many thanks to all who are showing an interest especially those at work who are giving me the opportunity to defend my obsession!
I will be in touch soon hopefully with some photos of Jasmashtami and all that I have learnt.


  1. Hi .Hare Krishna movement are worshipers of Lord Krishna. Most of these ppl are white. They have built many beautiful temples in India also.You will really enjoy going there and "Aap ko janmastami mubarak ho" If you really want to thank us write more often.Bye.

  2. Namaste Shwetika,

    Glad to see you are wearing saris! I am also a "white" lady that wears saris- in fact I have an entire cabinet full of them. Don't worry about being out of place at the Hare Krishna temple. In Dallas, where I live most of the devotees are Westerners wearing Indian dress. You look very elegant in your pictures. Keep wearing your beautiful Indian clothes too :)

    Om Shanti,
    S Radha

  3. I went to Krishna Janmashtami last night and had a blast. There were a ton of white women in saris (as well as black women in saris). I expected mostly white people because of what I've heard about the Hare Krishnas but there were at least 50 black people as well and at least 200 Indians. I also saw a few Chinese people and heard one man speaking to his little girl in Spanish.

    Did your little boy enjoy it? My boys loved it and ate way too many sweets.

  4. Sorry I didn't read this before Janmashtami! I also went to a Hare Krishna temple. It's a lot of fun. Certainly not everyone there was a Hare Krishna, there were many Indians I knew from other temples that were there just because it's a big, fun event.