Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I can't answer this one, but will do my best!

I am also curious on why I am so interested in all things Indian. I think it is my school. I never had a religious education that half hour in every week was used for the Uncontrollable girls in my class to run riot and half the time had the teacher walk out.
As I get older and mix with more people in our multi cultural society I find my self totally naive to the cultural needs of others around me. I’m learning that it is just not religion but a way of life.
I love Indian food I think that is where it started. I was taken to a Indian Restaurant in Sutton and force fed Chicken Tika. Taking in the Indian Art and the Bollywood music around me. Going to see Michael Nyman Sangram with the Indian masters. Seeing all the sarees and salwars on the women in the high street and thinking how comfortable they must be to wear. Searching on the Internet and seeing how beautiful the sarees and salwars can be. Learning about the Ganesh and the many ways he got his elephant head, finding about Hinduism and then experimenting with real vegetarian Indian food. And now learning more about the daily life of a Hindu. it just hasn’t stopped and not too sure when it will.
As it stands at the moment is I don’t wish to be a Hindu I’m just very interested in Indian culture. For me, I feel if I should be Hindu, then should I not of been born into a Hindu family. There are a number of barriers also preventing me. The biggest I feel is the language barrier. I am severely dyslexic (which may explain a few spelling mishaps) learning a language has never been a good experience. I was pulled out of my French class when I was using French words in English text. Not only that, if you ever herd Derrick Trotter talking French I’m not too far from sounding like the female version of that! And the next biggest is knowing that I will properly never be taken seriously. Ive been told on a number of occasions that I must have been a Hindu in a previous life. I don’t like hearing that as if I was, what on earth did I do wrong to be born a non-Hindu!!!

I have learnt that a Hindu family have the most respect for each other. Take for example a recent event Rakhi, where the brothers swear to protect their sisters. I have two brothers, but we rarely communicate and I do feel that that has created a void of loss within me, and if I am quite honest I am very jealous of the Indian culture. I wish my up bringing had a bit more love and respect for each other and the divine in it. Of course there is a lot in the Indian culture I would like to not know about such as Sati (of course since out lawed) and the Caste system. I know it is not roses and as I continue to study nothing gets missed the good and bad!

I have no idea why I am so interested, I just am and I am enjoying it even though I am finding it hard to take in!


  1. Well, if you were a Hindu in a past life, maybe the supreme lord wants to give you an outside experience of Hinduism. Its tough to guess how karma works.As far as sati and caste system goes, these are just evils developed over time, they are not in the real faith. The Good thing was that the society realized it and corrected it in case of sati, and is working hard for the cast system.And the change is coming from within. try reading a few texts in multiple English translations.That should cover all angles. As far as fitting in is concerned , every one is welcome & one must find his unique path to the lord.So that actually removes the problem of fitting in since you can choose what works for you.

  2. " I would like to not know about such as Sati (of course since out lawed) and the Caste system" more caste system in india lady.... I hardly knew the caste of my neighbour in school or college or at work now !! So nothing to dread :)

  3. " more caste system in india lady.." - is hell of a dishonest assertion.

    it certainly exists . though caste based discrimination and importance/relevance of caste is steadily decreasing since independence. and future looks much brighter.

    thank you shwetika for the post.
    i think you shouldn't feel discouraged by the language barrier. you will get a lot of books in english or translated in english.

    Nirad C. Chaudhuri has a book titled "Hinduism: A Religion to Live by ". i found that brief and interesting.


  4. It does not matter that you dont want to convert to hinduism ,as long as you enjoy Indian culture follow it. Why should you try to find a reason for your love for Indian culture .As some one said there can be a reason for hate but no reason to love.Love just happens. So just enjoy ot.

  5. I agree with Ela, just enjoy!

    You don't have to be Hindu to appreciate Hindu philosophy or Indian culture.

    As my mother says, you don't even have to label it. You can find divinity and meaning where ever you like, and it does not have to be labeled.

    But if you do someday decide that you would like to be Hindu, don't be discouraged by the not being born into a Hindu family thing. That's a myth, in my (biased) opinion. As Akshay said, we don't know the inner workings of karma and the reasons for things.

    But nothing is ever a step down! It is my belief that rebirth is never a punishment, it is always just an opportunity for some kind of growth. Krishna says that whatever spiritual progress we make, we never lose it.

  6. Sorry I have been away! Some where far away from salears and sarees! will blog all about it soon.

  7. Come on, keep us updated. We want to know more.