Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My Saree Shame

For a long time I have hidden behind the beauty of Indian fashion, especially the saree.
Every colour under the sun adorned with gold silver,
sequins, mirrors, crystals, stone work, embroidery, beautiful silks,
chiffons, creps, cottons finished with dupattas, a abundance of jewellery
topped of with mendhi, bindis and tikas.

I have many Indian outfits. All of which take a great deal of courage to wear out side the
house, when I get home I can't wait to get in my salwar kameeze, at the
weekend my inside dress is the Saree. But if any one rings the door bell I
quikly strip in to my jeans and tee shirts, like its some sort of dirty

The biggest statement I make is on my hands and feet. During Hindu festivals
my hands and feet are adorned with Henna applied by my loving boyfriend, I
work with my hands and they are very much noticed at work "you've been
drawing on your hands again I see" Is the usual remark, I just srug.
Some of my Sarees have seen the view out side of my house.
My fist time wearing of one (that was not behind closed doors) was to a high profie summer ball. The thing fell off as soon as I got there, half an hour in the ladies I got it just right again not too tight and not too loose, a mistake never to be repeated again! It was black with white stone work and pink sequins, It was contemporary chiffon and I'm sure a lot of people didn't even know it was a saree.

The second time, a wonderful two tone white and green saree with plenty of gold sequin detail. This was worn to see the Merchants of Bollywood in London. Sadly I was by my self as my boyfriend got called away with work, I was shaking like a leaf when I entered the theatre, many people said how wonderful it was and how they wished they had worn there's, some children loved it and were jealous that that were not old enough yet to wear a saree.

The third time was to a Mela I was buzzing for days with complements it ment so much to me hearing complements from Indian people who were very impressed with how well I wear it, how comfortable I look init, a lot of them could not believe that yes, I had put it on my self honest!
Even with all these complements, a lot of my sarees stay under the bed. I dream of wearing them and would love to wear them every day, but still it takes a lot of courage, I feel I am challenging the ways of things, I know there are people that do not approve. My mum for one! A lot of white men who stupidly confuse a saree with a burker, this I can never understand.

I have always been amazed with the saree, it has remained timeless throughout the course of history, unchanged, fashions come and go but the saree is still 9 yards and still being worn. Here in the UK the only time we see sarees being worn is by the elderly, normally assessorized with a beige coat and trainers. The sarees worn by Bollywood actress as they walk down the red carpet to attend the opening of their new film, if only these sarees were seen day to day, I'm sure the Caucasian fashion market would do a U turn. How ever, not so easy to do your shopping in!

Behind my Saree obsession I know there is something more deep and meaningful and this it was I have been discovering. recently The material world of India with beautiful fabrics that can make anyone feel like a Princess but I still feel empty in side. This is where Hinduism has filled a hole


  1. Indian fashion is so much more beautiful than Western, and yet they have often tried to imitate the West. I think the young generation of Indians is starting to appreciate the beauty of their clothes of heritage. More and more stores in America are carrying Indian inspired fashions.

    There is no piece of clothing in the world more elegant and beautiful than a saree.

    And nothing beats a salwar suit for comfort and beauty combined.

    It amazes me that these clothes have not taken the West by storm!

  2. Do you wear churidars? They are very elegant.

  3. I just love this post, even though I've never worn an Indian garment in my life. I have always loved a fashion risk and I know the feeling of owning things but being too afraid to wear them in public.

    Looking forward to all your photos!

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