Friday, 20 August 2010

In a Saree


So I may of got a bit deep back there, my learning curve on Hinduism shall continue and never end. For now I shall continue with sarees.

I would love to know more about them, when was the sari first worn, by who and why, what has affected their designs and what saree for what occasion, I’m sure that during this journey I will find out, found this Sari Saree SARI! « At Home in a Foreign land well worth a study. What I do know, they are the most elegant garment I have ever seen on a female form.

I am no fashion guru, my line of work rarely gives me the opportunity to wear the latest fashions, and even if It did, I am very self-conscious about my small boobs, wide hips and the tyre I have been carrying around my waist since child birth 5 years ago. During the week I am dressed in old baggy jeans which are normally ripped or worn at the knees, not as a fashion statement I add, but the fact that my job has me working on the floor, a baggy polo shirt with the company logo, this I try and keep smart, there is the occasional customer to confront. Steel toe capped boots and the whole thing normally covered in a white Lab coat, some sort of anti static health and safety thing, I don’t mind as it helps hid my backside. During the weekends I find my self in jeans tee shirts and what used to be trainers, now I am approaching mid 30’s is time to grow up a little and start wearing shoes and carrying and handbag. So day-to-day, this is what I look like. Not terribly exciting is it!

So then, why is my wardrobe full of ball gowns, full-length formal dresses, and a cocktail dress worthy of a James bond girl, Saree’s Saree’s saree’s and some fantastic salwar Kameeze?

With me it’s all or nothing. No in-between, so smart casual events I tend to avoid, because I am either extremely formal or crawling around on my knees spanner in hand grease on face.

Formal events are far and few between, to my horror I had a opportunity to wear something Glam to Christmas do passed me, I did not think that the girls would turn up in dresses from Debut I felt awful in my attempted smart casual.

A long dress can hide a mutable of sins, a dress on me brings my waist in and insinuates my curves rather then display them as two beer bellies one on each side. I feel good in a dress, and I want to wear them, but I just feel too dressed up in them just to do the normal weekend things.

At last, the Maxi dress is in, and everyone is wearing them, very elegant very romantic, not so when the pub shuts down the road and the girls are walking out with a whole new design vomited down the front of them. High street shops are full of them and I’m sure that they will be around for a while with the compulsory flower hair clip to one side of the head, flip flops and a big carpet bag. A bit like Mary Poppins on a holiday.

I’m a big fan of the Maxi dress, and have recently brought one that is very popular, and because of that Its properly going to stay in the wardrobe until I start seeing it in the charity shops. I have never been in the predicament of being somewhere when some one has the same thing on, must be a bit awkward especially because one assumes the other looks better!

Of course if you haven’t guessed alreddie I fan of the Saree, when I put one on I feel worthy of parading down a catwalk with a cheeky swagger –

Look at me! Look at me! I’m wearing a saree and it looks fantastic!

As you have gathered my middle is the worst thing of my figure along with my patchy skin, big nose, fine mousey hair, and hairy legs! They all share an equal common ground of ones hatred of their own bodies. So why does a garment that leaves this part of my body open to the elements transform the 9 pounds of unwanted flab in to – why on earth have I been on a diet for the past year! Don’t get me wrong, its still there, but transformed some how.

Its hard to find a saree that isn’t a bit see though, with the nature of the fabric used and the trends of fashion constantly affecting on how a saree is put together, when shown this wonderful organza saree in a small boutique in Ealing road Crawley seeing how my hand was as visible behind the fabric as it would be in front of my face. My initial thoughts were no, but of course a quick drape on the shoulder was a must and 2 seconds later I had brought it.

The pallu hangs of my shoulder and hangs at my side so elegantly, I have very wide shoulders and people have confused me with a professional golfer or swimmer, I should be lucky that shot putting and sumo wrestling were not involved. The sleeves on the blouse makes my shoulders look elegant and not man the pallu sits up there well adding some more femininity. I am tall already, but the saree makes me feel taller, makes me feel a bit more stretched out rather than expanding at the sides. Long soft fabric sways around my feet with beautiful pleats, even better when I have a hand folding them. Once the saree is secured tweaked and pinned in all the right places in the Nivi style that I tend to favour. I don’t ever what to take it off.

I am totally in love, with the Saree of course, not with my self.

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  1. There are not enough opportunities in modern life to get really dressed up! I err on the side of being way over dressed and hold my head up high :)

    By the way, the picture on the side of (I assume) you in a black and silver saree is gorgeous!