Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My first visit to a Hindu Temple

I went to my first Hindu temple in Ealing road, its newly opened. I was stood outside hanning on to the builders fencing surrounding it for what seamed like for ever, I could not belive somthing so beautiful had been built in London. It took a lady to tell me, its ok, its open you are allowed to go in. It took me a further 10 minuets to compose my self.

I have studied a great deal about temples, especially on the etiquette of entering a temple. My shoes were off, I kept quiet and I was not menstruating. After climbing the stairs and reached the temple, I was close to tears, I have never been anywhere so beautiful so awe-inspiring. The stone work the architecture the detail, and sadly the abundance of CCTV cameras. I saw many deity's that I knew and many I didn't, and have made a note "more study"required. I saw a wooden box by each deity for a donation, this I did not
know about. I kept my distance from the Lady in front dressed in a green and
red Salwar Kamese. Spending a moment with each deity with her hands
pressed together making an offering at each one. I wished I could join in,
at least with the deity that I had studied, to thank them for the positive
affect they are having on my life. A number of people sped past me, I felt a
bit in the way but I could not rush my self any faster than I was already
going. In the middle of the space there were a number of women sat on the
floor some in meditation some just sat there. There was a swing with a deity
on it, who yet I have to work out who it was, the women took turns to swing
him/her using the chain, bells were attached to the rear and it jingled
around the majestic space.

To white Hindus sat in front of Krishna and just behind the barrier, they
looked up at me with wide eyes I had so many questions to ask, but I was
afraid to break my silence.

On my reluctant exit, as I could of stayed there all day, there was a dark
red powder and a tub of white crystals and some water, people were applying
this to there forehead, again, something else I need to study.

I left wanting to return straight away, already planning another trip to a different temple, this one with a museum underneath it, this time I will be taking my voice and not be so scared to ask some questions


  1. Have you seen Tandava's blog at http://western-hindu.org/? I believe he is somewhere in England... He's also a White Hindu and I'm sure he'd love to answer any questions you have too!

  2. You need not hesitate entering a temple. You can ask any questions.?

  3. Why do the london temples do not have a bell you ring when you enter and leave?