Friday, 27 July 2012

Coming out of the Hiding closet

Hello All

I’m sorry about my absence, for a long time now I have been too scared to look at my own blog! Totally irrational and very stupid as look at all the support I have been receiving! Thank you so much

I have been up and down and up again and down a bit more. All over the place and a lot has happened.

I have brought a house with my boy friend
I have got my Motorbike back
My cat died
I have been doing well at work
A close family member is fighting stomach cancer and is winning
I have another cat
And I have booked a Henna course and very much looking forward to it

So all is good.

When I get down I get lazy, and tend not to do anything. I have learnt that if I just keep my self-busy I can get by. Thanks for your support

Sadly I do not have any saree adventures to talk about just yet. I have put on a little bit of weight and lack confidence in wearing one right now however, with one of my favourite festivals on its way Navratri. I am working on loosing some weight so there will be no excuse.

I have been busy experimenting with Henna, and have tried making my own. The first batch was good, my second not so. I’m looking forward to receiving some professional help and should be back talking about that in the near future. Also planning to start a Amateur Henna Club in my local area.

Back soon

Thanks all again



  1. Namaste,

    Glad to see you're getting your life back on track again. Looking forward to reading your future sari adventures.

  2. Namaste Shwetika,
    It is nice to see you on the blog once again.Hope your next post comes soon.

  3. woohoo... good to see you are back.. changes are good :) and the henna course sounds amazing :D do take some photos of your work to share :D