Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coming out of the depression closet, saree neatly folded

I apologise all for not keeping on top of my blog. I have kept a secret for far to long and its time I came out with it. I suffer with depression. My low are very long and extremely hard to get out of, though right now I do see some sort of light flickering at the end of the tunnel I hope to reach it soon.

One of the biggest symptoms of depression, apart of course being rather miserable and not at all easy to get along with is that you loose interest in what you like doing the best.

My sarees have gone rather neglected and many opportunities to wear them have come and gone and I am slowly coming out of this hole I’m in so I hope that they will have a dust off soon.

I have pin pointed the source of my depression and it will take some work to get over it and some time.

I hope to be a bit more entertaining in the near future.

Take care all


  1. Good to see you back! Also, did you notice that you were featured on the Saree Dreams blog a little while ago? Congrats!

  2. Wondered where you were... sorry to hear abotu your troubles hun, praying that you are feeling better soon

  3. :( Thinking of you, hope you feel better soon

  4. Came across your blog while blog rolling. Interesting blog you got here. Well Shwetika we all do go through this thing called depression. It is not easy. I have been through that, if I am not mistaken, throughout my entire teenage years and most of my adult life. Medical treatment is of no valid if the fighting spirit is not generated in a continuum. Just keep depressing the depression, slowly you will crawl out, get up and run away from it.God bless.

  5. I came across your blog while I was reading a blog for my English class and I just wanted to say that I hope you find your way out of depression. My dad had depression back when I was in middle school, and it's really not a great feeling to see a loved one going through a hard time and I can't imagine how it must feel to be the one who is going through it. Learning over the years, I found that you have to find the source of your problem that is causing this feeling which has led you to depression. It's not simple because most people don't know what is causing them sadness, but writing in a journal and keeping your thoughts is one way that can help you figure out what's causing your depression. I do hope you fight hard to get out of this depression because like they say, it hurts. Get better soon!

  6. Love your blog! Keep on blogging you are brave and wonderful! Chase away that black dog with a beautiful silken sari. Your blog brings joy from a closet Hindu!!!:)

  7. Happy 2012 -- wish you the best of everything ... take care.

  8. Thank you all, working on another entry soon
    Just reading the comments above has given me a instant lift.