Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shopping on the Internet is Dangerous!

Shopping on the Internet is dangerous!

With Diwali fast approaching its time to treat my self to a new saree, or
two. After attending Navratri again on the 9th night I wore my Bollywood
saree to the temple. I call it Bollywood because it is simply outrageous. It
is heavy with sequins arranged in a flower design and its bright, bright
green. It was one of my first on line purchases, my second saree, and I got
it pre stitched. What a disaster.

The ad told me that it was olive green, not Florissant green, the colour
disclaimer was inwardly digested and I did not have a leg to stand on.

With it being Pre stitched there is nothing I can do about the length of the
saree, I can make it shorter, which is great, however I can't get it longer.
Since last trying this item on I must of grown 2 inches as the backs of my
ankles were showing! It was touching the floor at the front, so I fear that
my rear must have gotten bigger!

So with my feet showing and the bright colour clashing against my pale skin
I braved the stick dance once more!

The important thing it stayed on, and even came home with some sequins still
left on it, and I'm sure it would be great if I had a bit of a tan.

There is a huge choice of sarees on the internet, overwhelming in fact. I
love looking but every now and then I have to clear out my wish list! I have
ordered 3! One of them a very cheep one just to see what that colour looks
on me before I make the biggest buy of my life (can't go into too much
detail there I'm afraid) and the other two are serious buys. One of them the
boyfriends choose it's very bright and busy and will be fantastic for next
years Navratri. The other one a bit of a contemporary design, more of an
evening dress, and if it gets here in time I should be wearing it to the
companies Christmas dinner. Can't wait!

(please note that I do not lay around in a saree like this at home....Only in my PJ's!)


  1. You look stunning in sarees. Its true that online shopping is a disaster. Want to ask you that dont you wear cotton sarees.

  2. I have not got a cotton saree. I have never seen one yet, the shops here have lots of silk and net with lots of work on them, but nothing nice and simple.

  3. All women look good in a saree. And beautiful women like you look even better. BTW, great photo of your lovely self. But do you really expect us to believe that you don't lounge around the house like that? All that's missing are the servants waiting on you, memsaab :).

  4. For cotton sarees-www.pochampally cotton Chances are you will make good purchase.

  5. www.sari here you will get authentic cotton saris. Buy them directly from India.Now I realize why you and Amba never talk of cotton sarees. Cotton is the fabric of India and the range style and quality is fantastic.I wear only cotton saris and churidars for daily wear.

  6. I know, I would love to wear saris everyday, but the availability of simple, regular cotton saris is zero. When I finally make it to India, that will be on my shopping list for sure!

  7. Cotton sarees are ideal for Indian climate(which is a lot hot and humid for most of the year). Here in US, I too prefer silk as they suit the cold climate and require less maintenance than the cotton ones.
    By the way Shwetika, you seem to have a great collection of sarees and look amazing in them.