Friday, 1 October 2010

A night at the Theatre

Last night my wonderful organza saree lost its virginity and saw the light of day out side of the house. I went to see the Peoples Romeo at a local Theatre and my loving boyfriend presresaded me to wear it out.
I wasn’t too confident at first, it is a fantastic saree however my diet has slowed down and I have only lost a pound in the past 2 weeks. My baby belly is there, (as it has been for the past 5 years!) and on show as Organza is such a transparent material.
If you had read previous posts you are well aware of the trauma I had buying it that day! I have never heard of organza before, its soft and stiff at the same time it doesn’t fold well and does not make for the best fantastic saree making material but there you go.
I later learnt that organza sarees are fantastic for those who have a super slim complexion as it puffs out a little bit and insinuates curves. Me already being a bit overweight could do without this.  Boyfriend and I spent an entire night folding the saree, ironing in the pleats and sewing them at the waist line. This stopped the puffiness however did not stop me tucking the pre sewed pleats in the wrong direction. N.B. it took my boyfriend to point this out!
Despite having to total of 10 minutes of putting it on it stayed on all night even after stepping on it twice.
As feared, I was only one in the audience in a saree. And if it wasn’t for the fact coach loads of students showed up boyfriend and I would have been the only ones in the audience!
I have not been to may theatres; this one was smaller than expected. No need for PA’s or miniature binoculars, it was all in a tiny room and they were right in front of you.
The peoples Romeo was an interesting show. With a total of 3 actors playing a total of 11 roles, despite the same costumes only changing the scarf colours to symbolise if they were Montague or Capulet I managed to keep up with the plot. The script roughly followed Shakes spears however missing some scenes and using props of only ribbon and rope and a stuffed toy dog (didn’t get that one) was very effective. Most of the show was in English however the actor playing Romeo/Juliet’s Mother/Priest spoke in his Bangladesh tongue with a few sentences of English.
Backing the 3 actors up were two musicians one very talented tabla player and haunting Harmonium player with an amazing and beautiful voice. Very loud and strong. It was my first time seeing a Harmonium close up, I know little about them except for what I ascendency saw on X factor channel surfing one day. During the course of the play there was a sitar drone constantly going, sadly this was reproduced by an i pod going to a speaker, the harmonium would play at one point I thought that the girl was humming, and I thought to myself how perfectly defined and in tune she was to hum like that, but then I discovered it was the Harmonium. It made many sounds the hum was my favrioute, it made a choir type noise and an electric piano which I wasn’t too keen on as it sounded a bit sloppy and ill fitting.
I am mad on music and I have more instruments than I have room for, piano, sax, clarinet, flute, guitar, bass guitar and even a sitar. I’m now very keen to have a closer look at the harmonium and perhaps even a go!
The show was good and in true Bollywood fashion of course there was singing, dancing and good old fashioned slap stick.
And more importantly I got to wear my saree.


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you finally had an occasion to wear your saree. I hope that your experience will help you build the confidence to wear them more often. Who cares if they are different? They're absolutely beautiful!

    Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the theater! Take care.

  2. I just found your blog and I'm loving reading it!

    Congrats on the sari outing! I think the trick is to put it on and then hold your head high. You may feel awkard, but a sari is so elegant that you can't help but look lovely, especially with crisp pleats (which it sounds like you had).

    I wear mine to work from time to time. It's gotten a little easier. Here's to the next time!

  3. Sewing the pleats is a clever idea, I might have to try that.

    I agree with the other comments, it's good to stand out and wear something more beautiful and stunning than everyone else. Hold your head up, be confident and proud and people will be wishing that they looked like you!

  4. I am glad that you love saree .I hope you know how to take care of organza. Remember if any insects walks on it it will tear. So keep it in polythene bag and keep changing the folds.

  5. Thanks! I have no idea how to look after it thanks for the tips and all the encouragement but sadly I have already put a small hole in it.

  6. Ela. Would you know how I would wash it?

  7. hi.We dont wash chiffon,organza or silk at home.Ony drycean them and that aso once in 2 to 3 years.Actually we wear them carefully and after 5-6 wearing ,we give them for chrakh.Charakh is done in drycleaning shop in India and it is a very mild kind of starch which we put on chiffon silk and organza.That's way the life ofa sarree increases. Go to an Indian drycleaner and ask him .If nothing happens then keep them in polythene bag and change there folds once in a month and show them sunlight. This is how we maintain our sarees.