Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Your turn ...

I am totally obsessed at the moment looking for a new Saree to wear for a Bollywood ball, I have exhausted my self looking. I am now open for suggestions or any ideas. If you come across something please email it to me and I will post it up. So far I have found these. As you can possibly see I'm very much into lots of colour at the moment!

Three if these are by Satya Paul



  1. I'll say number two is the odd one out. It looks a too traditional for Satya Paul. Actually, it looks like the other three pictures are all from the same show.

    Yes, if you're after something colourful Satya Paul is a good place to start. Such confident use of colour! I'm a big fan!

    Which one to choose though. I think number four is a good all rounder that would suit anyone and the darker colours look very elegant.

    I'll keep a lookout to see if I can see anything else you might like.

  2. Hello Trevor, your right number 2 is not Satya Paul, it is however more affordable! I have been given a awesome ramble silk saree which I hope to post about soon

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