Tuesday, 18 January 2011

It not all sarees you know, there is also Henna

I am also quite fond of henna, I love looking at some of the Mehndi patterns and the flowing artwork. I have spent some time trying to create my own but with not a lot of luck, I cannot create my own flow and always end up having to copy something I’ve seen. There is also a distinct lack of people to practice on and there is only so much you can do on your self.

Early self applied henna

I apply henna on special occasions such as my birthday, Nivratri, Diwali and Christmas, but of a mixture I know, but why not! But a lot like my cooking the boyfriend has barged in, taken over and turns out to be a lot better at it than I am!

One of the boyfriends busy creations

So far I have been buying pre made henna already in the tube, it’s a bit hit and miss and I have not yet found a brand that I have got on with. There is some powder in the cupboard and its just waiting for me to mix it my self but I have not yet found the time or the courage to try and make my own tube!

My boyfriend allows me to practice on him but strictly no flowers which are not much help, but I am getting rather good at the Koi Carp!

I love the full on bridal henna and would love to have it up my arms and legs one day traditional on the inside of my arm and a more modern look on the outside. I love the idea of a Mehndi party one day.

One of my work colleges daughters kindly applied it to my arm one day and I have been in love with it ever since


  1. You have a very cooperative boyfriend. All ur henna designs are lovely.

  2. Your henna looks great, way better than anything I've managed!

  3. Im sure that there are not many boyfriends out there that allow their girl to draw on them! Strickly no flowers, and nowhere where it would be seen!

  4. I am pretty darn impressed...how do you even start?

  5. Henna is fun. Reading your blog, I recalled the lady who did the henna for me for my wedding day. I can tell you this. Use the drawings as reference but you can alter them. The lady who did them looked at the image once, and used the basic idea and made a lovely creation on my hands and feet..